Detective Agency - established 1974
Kithas & Associates is a full service detective agency, located in Fort Worth, Texas. Providing services for the public and business community since 1974. We offer nationwide online service to fit your needs.

Our firm provides a comprehensive fact gathering service, which will provide the information to meet your requirements.

Contact us for specific inquiries at no charge. click Contact to send a message or call  toll free 1- 888-498-1002.

All inquiries conducted by Licensed Private Investigators !

Our Services
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Our detective agency specializes in comprehensive inquiries for individuals and business. We offer the pre-trial inquiries, criminal records, locate, surveillance, documentation of activities, background and asset inquiries. Claims investigations, commercial fraud and specific requests as per your requirements.

Our staff of investigators are fully experienced in all types of inquiries, hearings and trial appearances. With over thirty five years of investigative experience, we offer a clear insight into the solutions you need.

Review our services:

ASSET INQUIRY: Research of all state and county property records, assumed name records, UCC filings and tax records. Includes vehicles, boat and recreation vehicles. Proprietary search of Civil filings, regarding judgment, liens and any probate (heir) listings.

BACKGROUND INQUIRY: A research of Federal, State and County Civil litigations and criminal records. Research of Federal and State judgment, bankruptcy, lien and property records. Search of corporate, ucc filings, assumed name, professional licenses and other records.

CRIMINAL RECORDS: A comprehensive search of Federal, State and County criminal records, reflecting criminal convictions in the jurisdiction selected. Note: A seven year record is a norm for most states, but specific county records will reflect a more complete record.

 LOCATE: Nationwide search for individuals for civil and criminal litigation matters, lost friends, relatives and other specific reasons. A comprehensive search, utilizing specific non-internet data bases, which yield the most effective results for our clients. When you have tried the online searches available on the internet and have negative results, then contact us!

SURVEILLANCE: Surveillance and documentation of activities for all types of civil litigation, domestic and criminal matters. This service is available for business and individuals.

Our investigators are experts in the surveillance field, with over thirty-five years experience and thousands of cases to their credit. All surveillance inquiries are prepared for trial presentation. We utilize professional video and film equipment to document activity for trial evidence presentation. For details, please contact toll free at 1-888-498-1002 or email us at CONTACT!